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Movie: Bye Bye, Love

(20th Century-Fox; 1995) color, 106 minutes; PG-rating; genre-romantic comedy


Healing Themes:

  • Dealing with divorce

  • Spousal loss

  • Living the playboy life

  • Trying to get on with your life

  • Leaving the past behind you

  • Failing to understand what caused a breakup

  • Growing up in a broken home

  • Young adult homelessness

Director: Sam Weisman


Screenplay: Gary David Goldberg, Brad Hall


Cast: Matthew Modine (Dave); Randy Quaid (Vic); Paul Reiser (Donny); Janeane Garofalo (Lucille); Rob Reiner (Dr. Townsend); Amy Brenneman (Susan); Eliza Dushku (Emma); Ed Flanders (Walter); Maria Pitillo (Kim); Lindsay Crouse (Grace); Johnny Whitworth (Max); Ross Malinger (Ben)


Synopsis: Three divorced dads in the Los Angeles area have been friends since before their marriages and break ups. This film looks at divorce through a male’s perspective. It deals with a variety of situations revolving around divorce and its aftermath. It also portrays the humorous side of divorce and being a single parent.


Viewing Suggestion: As you view this film think about yourself or someone close to you that had to deal with a break up. Observe the various ways that divorce is portrayed in society.


Exercise: What emotions could you identify with as you watched these men deal with their separate issues? Which one of them are you? What did you think about the relationships each of them were involved in? Did that bring back memories regarding your own experiences? Did you grow up in a broken home or resent a parent for leaving?


Availability: This movie is available for viewing by streaming from your favorite device through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. You can also buy this movie on sites such as Movies Unlimited.


Trivia: The screenwriters included in the script several fictionalized accounts of events that happened to their divorced friends.


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